A sourcebook of ideas and inspiration for the garden, Bud to Seed is an online journal by Clare Foster. The content is based on her work as a garden writer and journalist, and on her own experience of making gardens. Her product ethos is based on simple, beautiful and eco-friendly objects that are a joy to work with or display in the garden. Clare says: 'I started Bud to Seed in 2018, first and foremost as a platform for telling all the stories I wanted to tell, introducing the people I meet, and to show the photographs I take wherever I go. I always had in mind that I'd also like to seek out a few select garden products to sell, and in spring 2019 I started working with a local artisan carpenter to develop a range of plant shelves - and in particular an old-fashioned, wall-mounted auricula theatre.' The collection is small, but the aim is to build it up gradually. To visit the main Bud to Seed website, click here.